Hello everybody - a warm welcome

frei räume

Dear visitor of this website called “frei räume”.

This german expression is a synonym for “free space” either in a physical or a metaphorical sense.

The physical “frei räume” are part of a flat I rented here in Solothurn, a town in Switzerland where I live since many years. If you ever come to this small place with a nice baroque center and this page inspires you to call me up, maybe we find a free space for a cup of tea or coffee.

In a more metaphoric sense “frei räume” are a a part of me, where I like to experiment and play - how I want present myself to you, a visitor of this website and how I want to interact with the world. To quote Ghandi: “How can I be part of the change I want to see in the world.”

CH-4500 Solothurn • Blumensteinweg 22 • Fon +41 (0)32 621 54 67 / (0)79 743 77 63 •