CCC - Ceritification Coordinating Council


Revealing my heart about certification process

My name is Michael Dillo. In 1997 I attended my first NVC-workshop with Marshall at Reigoldswil, Switzerland. I was recommended as a certified trainer in 2004. In 2013 Rita Herzog approved me as assessor for the swiss german assessor team and in February this year I was elected by the EdServices-Team to be part of the Certification Coordinating Council (CCC), the team that follows up Rita as Certification Team Coordinator and that will be supported by Rita as adviser.

When I speak up here, I simply want to reveal my heart about the certification process.

I am visiting Albuquerque and went to Marshall's final resting place yesterday. The place at the base of a tree is less than two miles from the Center. I brought three stones from the waterfalls of Reigoldswil where Marshall had often suggested his workshop participants visit and laid them at this spot. Sitting by the tree and sensing a smooth and peaceful energy, I spoke to the wind about my observations about everything going on around CNVC. Finally I gave a promise that I’ll do all that I can to fulfill the trust that my certification-candidates put in me, in the certification process and in the integrity of NVC - whatever the future of CNVC will be.

Sandia Memory Gardens,
Albuquerque, San Pedro NE
Marshalls final resting place at the base of the pinon

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