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brother watching
early frustrations
athletic ambitions
first day of School career
brotherly love

Pablo Picasso
(The first line seems to be authentic, but the rest ... ? I could not find a source - nevertheless the text inspires me.)

I don't seek - I find.

Seeking, that is proceeding from old existence and a "wanting-to-find" of already well-known stuff in the new one.

Finding - that is the completely new!
The new also in the motion.

All paths are open, and what is found, is unknown.
It is a risk, a holy adventure.

Only those can actually take the uncertainty of such ventures on them-self,
that feel save in the unsave without guidance,
that let themselfs be lead by an invisible star in the dark
and who let the goal find them rather than
stay in the "humanly limits" and restrictedly determine the goal.

This being open for every new cognition,
for every new experience,
externally and internally.
That is the essence of the modern human being
who despite all fear of letting go
still allows for the grace of being held
in the revelation of new opportunities.

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